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Linear Fluorescent Tubes - Fluorescent Light

What is Luminosity

Luminosity is the brightness of a light source. In this case, it is the brightness of a fluorescent lamp and is the amount of light that the lamp is able to emit along a certain wavelength. One will soon see that the fluorescent lamps are actually going to be quite a bit brighter than the incandescent counterparts are. Even better, they take less energy to give off the same amount – or greater – of light. This makes them a far more efficient option for many different types of lighting needs. The luminosity of bulbs is going to vary, so you have to know what it is that you are getting when you purchase a lamp. Looking at things such as the wattage is going to be a huge help.

Always make sure you know what you are doing when you are buying your fluorescent lamps, and make sure that you know the proper procedures for disposing of and cleaning up after these types of lamps. They have quite a bit to offer in terms of savings and efficiency, as long as you make the right choices in purchasing them.